The Landscape Conservation Action Plan (LCAP) establishes the framework for the Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership (DVLP). This five-year action plan provides background on the Dearne Valley, highlights the need for the DVLP, sets out the aims and objectives and provides details of the projects that the DVLP will deliver. It covers the following areas.

  • Executive Summary
  • Understanding the Dearne Valley
  • Statement of Significance
  • Risks and Opportunities
  • Aims and Objectives
  • Scheme Plan and Costs
  • Sustainability
  • Evaluation
  • Adoption and Review
  • Bibliography

A full version is available to download from the link below.

DVLP LCAP Imp 14-10-14

The themes of the programme are:

  1. Cultural Heritage of the Dearne: This theme will focus on the archaeology and built heritage of the Dearne, highlighting the legacy of what remains. Projects will look to protect, preserve and enhance the physical heritage. There will be encouragement for increased involvement from and understanding within the community, helping protect the heritage for the future.
  2. Environmental Heritage of the Dearne: This theme will focus on the rivers, landscape, biodiversity and geology of the Dearne. It will highlight how they have shaped the place and its people. Projects will look to protect, preserve and enhance the environment. There will be encouragement to increase the involvement and understanding of the community, helping protect the environment for the future.
  3. Discovering the Dearne: This theme will aim to make local people and visitors more aware of the opportunities there are in the Dearne. It will use the arts to engage with people to collect and celebrate the stories of the Dearne. It will encourage more people to visit the area, providing more information about what is in the area and making it easier for people to move around and find their way. There will be a focus on strengthening the connections within the Dearne both the physical links (particularly around the River Dearne) but also in people’s perceptions.
  4. Strengthening the Dearne: This theme will support the communities of the Dearne through volunteering, training, grants, networks and capacity building. It will aim to help people play an active part in their local community.

Running through these themes will be the ideas of discovery, revelation, celebration, understanding, sharing, engagement, protection, sustainability, exploration, enhancement, support and strengthening.

The projects within the overall programme are set out below:

Cultural Heritage of the Dearne

HD1: Archaeology and Geology of the Dearne: Learning more about the archaeology and geology of the Dearne through bringing specialists together with community volunteers to carry our heritage surveys.

HD2: Protecting Key Sites: Conserving four key, unique heritage sites to conserve and protect them for the future.

Environmental Heritage of the Dearne

ED3: Surveying the Dearne: “Citizen Science” community led environmental surveys of key sites in the Dearne bringing experts together with the local community.

ED4: Creating and Managing sites more effectively: Looking at new ways of working for the creation and management of washlands, greenspace, valley verges, woodlands, community sites, former pit sites and public open space.

ED5: Reconnecting the River Dearne: Introducing meandering, removing weirs, and introducing fish passes in order increase connectivity for fish along the river and improve habitats.

Discovering the Dearne

DD6: Promoting the Dearne: Marketing and promotion through leaflets, websites, apps, publications.

DD7: Exploring the Dearne: Encouraging more people to visit, walk, cycle and horse ride in the Dearne through improving physical access. Creating access points to the river to connect people to the Dearne.

DD8: Signposting the Dearne: Improving signage, information points and interpretation from the TPT to key sites. Bringing specialists together with community volunteers to develop the interpretation and signage at key sites, transport hubs and gateway sites.

DD9: Art of the Dearne: Using arts and community engagement to collect and tell the stories of the place and the people through oral history, photography, exhibitions, creative writing, memory walks, willow working, art camps, classes and land art.

Strengthening the Dearne

SD10: Community Grants: Providing grants to community groups to support them in delivering projects, strengthening and developing them for the future.

SD11: Developing Capacity: Supporting the development of groups and individuals through training and advice.

SD12: Learning from the Dearne: Maximising the use of outdoor classrooms, canal barges, historic sites and landscapes to encourage and support learning.


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