The last few months has seen a lot of work behind the scenes with the Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership (DVLP), moving the scheme forward following the confirmation of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) in June 2014. Despite the lack up updates on the website, Facebook and Twitter please be assured progress is being made that means we can actually start delivering projects and making an impact in the Dearne Valley.

A key step forward has been the appointment of the two Community Officers who will help deliver the projects over the next five years. Stephen and Roseanna are both due to start on the 15th October and the team section of the site will be updated soon providing further information about them, what they’ll be focusing on and how to contact them. This will be a key step forward in the DVLP in being able to deliver what has been set out in the Landscape Conservation Action Plan (LCAP).

Options are being considered for office space, so for the next few months the team will be based in Barnsley Council’s offices in Barnsley before moving into the Dearne in January. It’s from January onwards that we really hope to start delivering on the projects.

Much of the recent behind the scenes work has focused on looking at the LCAP and how it will be delivered. This has involved a lot of work on projects, budgets and project plans ensuring the focus, priorities and approach is right for the DVLP. Fundamentally there have been no major changes to what the DVLP is going to do but it is now much better placed to deliver projects that will benefit the Dearne and involve as many people as possible. The revised version of the LCAP will soon be available to download on the site and the projects will be summarised on the site as well.

The priorities for the next few months are to:

  • Get the appoiinted staff working with people to deliver projects
  • Recruit the project support assistant, the final member of the team
  • Move into the new office space
  • Start developing the full DVLP website
  • Pilot a number of projects
  • Start delivering the programme set out in the action plan
  • Organise the first DVLP exhibition
  • Set up the various working groups, networks and forums so people can input into the DVLP
  • Organise an official launch event for the DVLP.

If you want further information then please get in touch. All the contact details are in the contact section of this site.

Photo: Timm Cleasby


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